Now is the Time to Invest in Florida Real Estate

March 15, 2012 | | Comments 0

time to buy Florida real estateThe time to invest in the Florida real estate market has finally come! According to the Fortune Finance article, “Real Estate: It’s Time to Buy Again,” the housing market is back in business and holds some attractive deals for investors and home buyers.

The two factors that are driving the residential Florida real estate market’s recovery are explained in the article- the historic decrease in new construction and the decline in housing prices. Although the slump led Americans to stay away from buying homes and made rentals more attractive, the drop in prices of homes has now made them more affordable. This has slowly begun and will continue to entice buyers back to the residential market. In turn, the increased number of home buyers will bring about a rise in home prices that may be seen before the calendar year is out.

The Prudential Real Estate Outlook Survey is also reporting that Americans are returning to the housing market. Recently, the survey found that 58 percent of potential American home buyers are in the market to purchase residential real estate and 45 percent are looking to trade up. Another 49 percent are reported to be looking to invest in a nicer house.

Tell us what you think. Are you as positive about the recovery as other Americans? Are you among those looking to enter the market soon?

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