Homeownership Still The American Dream

January 11, 2012 | | Comments 0

homeownershipSpeculation regarding the housing market’s recovery is widespread and constantly talked about. A recovery is starting, but when will it be in full swing and how many people will jump on board?

There is some great news for the American housing market as it continues to recover! Homeownership is still considered the American Dream by 78 percent of respondents in’s American Dream Survey. The American public’s optimistic attitude toward homeownership and newfound eagerness to enter the market will undoubtedly be key to its full recovery.

Prudential Real Estate is also reporting the positive trend in American perceptions of the market. In terms of when the recovery will come, about 68 percent of America’s potential home buyers expect that the market will be recovered in the next year according to a recent survey.

The Prudential Real Estate Outlook Survey also reports that 58 percent of its respondents are currently interested in purchasing real estate and that 45 percent are considering trading up.  These developments indicate that Orlando new homes will continue to see high demand.

Orlando Real Estate forum will continue to provide news and insights about the housing market’s recovery in the area and the country.

Are your feelings on the housing market’s recovery positive? Do you have plans to invest in a new home in the coming months?

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